Friday, August 8, 2014

Obsession, thy name is Stitch Fix


I have found my new very favorite thing, and it's name is Stitch Fix.

What is Stitch Fix?

Stitch Fix is an online personal stylist site for women.  When you go to the website, you create a detailed style profile that helps the Stitch Fix team know your fashion sense and body type.  They will even view your Pinterest Style board (if you have one) to suss out the fashiony things that make your heart sing.  Then a stylist chooses five items they think you'll love and ships it right to your door.  You try on, you play, you take poor quality photos if you want (and let me apologize in advance for that. Brendan swore his Galaxy would take superior photos. He lied.)  Then choose what you want to keep and send back what you don't love via the good ol' USPS in a pre-paid, pre-addressed mailer.  Easy!   You can do it once. You can set up a schedule to receive one every month, two months, six months, whatever. Totally up to you.

How Much Does Stitch Fix Cost?

There is a $20 styling fee to receive your first fix, BUT if you love even one of the items and keep it, that $20 goes towards that purchase.   The cost of the clothing varies, but these are all high-quality pieces and most of them aren't available at any of the stores in Arkansas.  To which I say, "YESSSSS!!" and feel very Carrie Bradshaw-esque.  OH, also too, if you decide to keep all five items they send you, you get 25% off of everything. SAVVY!

So I received my first fix in the mail a few weeks ago. I KNOW.  I have been meaning to write this blog since but I had company in the form of one daughter and two sweet, precious, darling g-babies and sorry, as much as I wanted to share the fashion love, they needed G time.  

Sweetest! Angel! Babies! EVERRRR!

But I digress. 

My first package arrived like so:

I indicated in my style profile that I preferred not to receive accessories, especially scarves (I could write a blog entry about my hatred of scarves.) What they sent me was three tops, one pair of jeans, and one dress.

It's like Christmas!!

So off we go..

First up is the Chevron Top. I absolutely LOVE the fabric and color - perfect for summer and super comfortable. If I were still a nursing mom (which, thankfully, I no longer am and shan't be again if there is a just God) this would be great for that.  I paired it with white skinny jeans and flats for work. Very cute. KEPT.

Second is the Kaleidoscope top. I was not sure about this one until I looked at the included style suggestion card and realized how versatile it is. It's got many colors that I love and it's not like anything else I own - never would I have picked this up and tried it on. But I am super glad I got it and this one I also KEPT. I like the fabric and the high-low hem (HATE that in dresses, love it in tops. Go figure.)  I've worn it with red skinny jeans and a denim jacket. Cuteness.

The black dress was next. As much as I wish I was still 30 and able to pull this look off, it felt too young for me, and it went back. But the fabric was beautiful and it made me very sad. I may have danced around in it for a bit before taking it off. Wistfully, RETURNED.

wanted to love the coral top. I did love the color. But at that price, I would have to LURRRVE it and I just didn't. The fit was too loose (for my taste anyway) and I didn't feel like it would be something that would wash and wear well.  So it was RETURNED.

OMG. Who's mom's ass is that? UGH!!!

Lastly, the skinny jeans. I wanted to like these. But as seen here, they were MOST unflattering in the caboose-al area and they are not that different than other dark skinnies that I already own, ones that do not make my butt look like it has a zip code of it's own, so they were also RETURNED.

That's it...The $20 I paid up front was applied to the two tops I kept, and I dropped the others in the mail the next day. I created a Pinterest board, since I didn't have one, and have linked that to my style profile. My new shipment is already on the way and I cannot WAIT to see what's in it.  OH! ALSO!  Referrals. If you click on my link, there, and decide to give this a shot, I'll get $25 towards any purchase I make on MY fix. And you can do the same! A few friends from work have signed up and a couple of other besties also. Can't wait to see what kind of fixes they get!!   

Stay tuned for my next fix (with better photos, hopefully, if I can sweet talk Boyfriend into taking them) and if you do sign up, let me know so I can see what you get!


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  1. I completely agree with your choices - love that kaleidoscope top!!


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