Thursday, December 9, 2010

My Week, in Numbers

22: Hours spent removing the lights from my “pre-lit” tree after half went out.

.5: Hours spent putting new lights on said tree.

1: Ornaments broken

152,456,710: Muscles currently hurting after my first body pump class Tuesday night

8: Pounds on the barbell in said class

39: Cuss words uttered under my breath during the body pump class

Pounds I will have on the bar in class tonight

828: Cuss words I expect to utter in class tonight

0: Christmas presents purchased in 2010

9,843: Times I have said “Leave your brother alone”

2: Times I have said “Give your brother a hug!”

3: Viewings of “Elf”

Times I have annoyed my kids by answering their phone calls with "Buddy the Elf, What's your favorite color?"

34: Number game entries I created yesterday for friends

4: Number game entries created about me

0: Percent chance I will go on a date

2: Days until I have all four kids with me

Percent sure I am that everything’s gonna be OK.


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